St. Michael’s College Sommerkurs

In the following speech I want to talk about the time here and about the time after my stay in Toronto.
A German man once said:
“If you sit on a fire for two minutes it will feel like two hours. But if you are sitting with a smart and beautiful woman on a table for two minutes, it will feel like two seconds.” The man who said that is named Albert Einstein.
And I think we can compare it with our time here at St. Michael’s in Toronto. We can make two weeks feel like two months or feel like two days. It depends on our outlook. I think we should enjoy every minute that is given to us here, because we might never have a second chance to meet so many nice people from different countries with different cultures again. Everyone of us has a different story to tell and even if we all seem to be really different, we all share a commonality in learning English and we can all communicate to learn new things every day.
Here, people from different families learn to become one big family.
A family without racism.
A familiy that stays together.
A family in which we all help each other.
And a family in which you are accepted how you are even if you are not pefect.
This new family has trips and adventures together and as a family we will always remember the time after here too.

Vanessa, 16 Jahre

St. Michael’s College Sommerkurs

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